By Luke “Smatho10” Mathyssen – for Daily Fantasy Rankings


Round 14 in the AFL is in the books and so is the bye period of the competition. With four big slates there was over $250,000 in all guaranteed prize pools for Moneyball users to sink their teeth into. Let’s check out are winners from the weekend.

We started on Thursday night $40,000 guaranteed prize pool contest with West Coast taking on Essendon in Perth. In a contest that was touted to be quite even, it ended up being a low fantasy scoring contest with the winner on 851 points from ‘eagle hunter’. According to the Rankings on the Daily Fantasy Rankings (DFR) website, ‘eagle hunter’ is a relatively new player to Moneyball but that win has put him 87th in the rankings and rising!  

Onwards to Friday night and Moneyball provided a $50,000 contest with Sydney and Hawthorn. With a total score of 911 points and a win by over 57 points (a massive win) 23rd  ranked DFR player ‘Tbetta’ blitzed the field not only in this contest but went on that weekend to be 1st in the $8,000 Cats vs Power contest as well! 

I caught up with ‘Tbetta’ who took me through his big Friday night:

Those who I interact with on Twitter will know that I’ve been playing in the $2 comps for the past month, because I noticed the gap between myself and some really talented DFS players was widening. So I “went back to the 2’s” to work on my game, which for me was learning the new CSV entering system and sharpening up on multi-entry theory.

It was business as usual on Friday, I’d crafted my 50 line-ups and entered them in the $2 comp. It wasn’t until I got a message from a good mate with about 3 minutes until bounce-down pointing out the overlay in the Moneyball $15 comp that I made the impulse decision to deposit $750 and enter them in the main as well. It was a bit dicey with the POLI deposit system for a moment there, but finally I was able to CSV enter all my mine-ups with about 14 seconds left on the clock. Pretty stoked I did in the end!

It was a different kind of Sydney stack that got me the chocolates in the end. I expected them to win so a lot of my mine-ups were Swans heavy and that was a quick and easy decision for me – it’s amazing the things that come into DFS that aren’t so simple. I spent 15 minutes in the shower that morning, 20 having breakfast and another 20 doing odd chores; but it took me a good hour trying to bloody figure out which of Jordan Dawson and Zak Jones was going to replace McVeigh on a half back flank.

In the end I landed on Jordan Dawson, which meant Zak Jones would be back in the guts and made them both excellent plays in my opinion. It was Dawson’s heat map from a Round 5 game and his numbers in the second half of a Round 9 outing that convinced me that he was huge value off a back flank compared to a high HFF role, and I had a big exposure to him as a result.

Blakey having a career-best outing, Parker over JPK (who was just coming back from injury), Shiels as the lone Hawk (contested player who might play well despite a loss) and Sinclair as the ruck in Swans stacks despite preferring McEvoy all helped, but it was identifying that Hawks concede a bunch of points to opposition teams that got me over the line. Mills, Dawson and O’Riordan all paid off at modest prices.

Friday night was just a few end-of-week beers with my brother on the couch. It took awhile for my side to break away from the pack with a few weird and unsustainable scores in the first quarter, but I was pretty optimistic by 3Q time.

The beginning of the last quarter was the biggest part of the sweat, especially when Callum Sinclair literally KO’ed himself on the ground. A frantic check of the leaderboard showed that, luckily, McEvoy teams were nowhere and it was unlikely to decide my night. From there, it was basically a DFS player’s wet dream – my players could not stop kicking it to each other. I started celebrating with around 5 minutes to go, which mainly consisted of squealing like a little girl repeatedly!”

Great work ‘Tbetta’ – massive weekend from you and thoroughly deserved. 

The big $100,000 Saturday Slate was taken out by ‘Laminedor’ otherwise known as ‘Jayk123’. With that win has returned to the top of the Daily Fantasy Rankings leaderboard as the number 1 ranked player on the site. It is fair to say, Jayk is on a heater right now after winning 3 slates in a row in Round 12, Jay took down Saturday’s slate on the back of Tom McDonald’s performance of 125 fantasy points at only 2.5% owned. A lot of players “missed” Dayne Zorko’s 120 points at 8.4% and a sneaky Karl Amon 97 at 4% was enough to take the massive $10,000 prize.     

Finally the Bulldogs vs Magpies Sunday Slate for $50,000 was taken out by DFS player ‘Oastrawt’ after having the slate “breakers” in Jack Macrae (180 fantasy points), Brodie Grundy (168 points), Caleb Daniel (135 points) and Tory Dickson who junked it up late for 83 points at 7.4% owned. ‘Oastrawt’ had all these pieces and took home the major prize of $6,500.

Well done to all the winners last weekend! With over $250,000 in guaranteed pools for this weeks Round 15 of the AFL over another 4 big slates we are looking forward to this week’s contests on Moneyball with the full fixture of games ready to go.