MoneyBall Winners Round 15

By Luke ‘Smatho10” Mathyssen – from Daily Fantasy Rankings

With the AFL fixture returning to the traditional 9 games for the weekend, we still got a bonus day of footy which meant for the DFS members at Moneyball, more prize money for all to contend for. 

We started Round 15 with the Bombers hosting the Giants at Marvel stadium. It was an interesting finish to the game where the score reviewer having another ‘mare’ of a decision late in the game. We also so the rise of Shaun McKernan with Tom Bellchambers going down with injury. McKernan in the $40,000 Thursday night special was only 6.3% owned but returned a ceiling game of 92 fantasy points at his salary of $5,500. One of his owners was ‘Humpty84’ who ended up the winner of the contest with a 1st prize of $4,150.00. We have referred to ‘Humpty84’ as an up and coming DFS player here in the AFL and with two wins in the past 3 rounds, he has shot up the rankings on the Daily Fantasy Rankings site and has now cracked the top 5. A rapid rise for ‘Humpty84’ and now a serious player in the AFL DFS community.

Friday night had the Cats and the Crows down at the “Cattery” which ended up being an interesting game to follow, especially if you were there for “Dramafield”. Whilst he did manage to score 92 fantasy points in the end, it was the busy Cats backline that produce the fantasy scoring for the match. Mark Blicavs (101 points Mid status) along with Jordan Clark (96 points Def status), Jed Bews (93 points Def status) and Tom Stewart (108 points Def status) were all key plays required for the winning line-up. That winning line-up went to ‘peekay89’. A stalwart of the Australian DFS community, ‘peekay89’ for 24 hours had the biggest win on the Moneyball site. That $4,000 was a personal best until late Sunday evening…

So after ‘peekay89’ climbed the mountain the night before, it was onwards to the $100,000 Saturday Slate where there was a lot of interest in Sydney Swans players against fantasy scoring friendly Gold Coast Suns. So friendly it was we saw an absolute lock out of the leaderboard by DFS player ‘Goosfraaba’ after playing a lot of Sydney stacks. But these stacks were run down late by DFS player in ‘Eagle Hunter’. Whilst the ‘Hunter’ did have 6 swans in his side, it would of been a joy to watch Adam Treloar (129 points), Roarke Smith (91 points @ $3,500) and Scott Lycett (140 points) storm home late and take home the impressive $10,000 first prize. I caught up with ‘Eagle Hunter’ the part owner of the Bayview Bar in Bunbury in WA (awarded Best Steak Sandwich in WA 2017-2018) about his epic $10k win.

‘Eagle Hunter’ dreams of an AFL career were crushed when he was relegated to the “F Trucks in some scrubby bush league” so he turned his attention to the AFL Dream Team and DFS. “After years of beating my mates in dream team I noticed one day that DFS was going gangbusters in the US and tried to create an account but couldn’t then like a week later I saw an ad for Moneyball and bang my dreams had come true…”

So how’d big Saturday go for you? Obviously you liked playing the Sydney guys vs Gold Coast?

My view for that day was Sydney, as they were playing the gold coast. So I made sure I had 6 Sydney players in each team I did. Then like everyone else I went heavy on Scott Lycett. Finally my gut feeling was keen on Adam Treloar who turned out to be a low pick around 10% which made most of my teams unique and won me the slate.”

Where did you sweat out the slate – surely at the pub?

“So at our pub we have a third floor where we have set up our offices and more importantly our DFS control room. I was watching the slate with my brother who goes by the alias  ‘Crystal Bros’ on Moneyball. During the Pies and Kangaroos game we noticed a couple of our teams were starting to make a good run. Then after that game there was a quarter to go in the Port and Dogs game and I had one team in the top 10 so the heart rate was starting to rise. I had Rorke Smith as the point of difference compared to the other teams that were close to winning and he had to fight off the likes of Dunkley, Macrae and Hartlett. With 5 minutes left Rorke Got someone for holding the ball which gave me a 10 point buffer. But moneyball member ‘Rwhlean09’ got back in front and basically with 20 seconds to go!  Roarke laid another tackle which was a very “questionable” tackle and I got up to win by 2 points. I was not gonna celebrate until the end adjustments kicked in because I thought that tackle was gonna get taking off but It didn’t.”

Congrats ‘Eagle Hunter’ a well deserved win.

Wrapping up a huge weekend was a $60,000 Sunday 3 game slate. There was some really “chalky” plays for this contest with Griffin Logue at the minimum salary being the most popular play at 69%. Having Logue in your side meant extra salary for your line-up and for Friday’s winner ‘peekay89’ he nabbed a massive game from Jarryd Lyons ($8,200) at 5% for 135 fantasy points. Along with Josh Battle ($6,200) at 4% owned for 106 set ‘peekay89’ for another massive payday. So much so, this is his largest win for ‘peekay89’ at a first prize of $6,000! I also reached out to ‘peekay69’ an Operations and Procurement Manager from Melbourne, which I found him recovering after his appendicitis surgery about his Sunday win. 

‘Peekay69’ got into Moneyball since its inception in 2015 as he was “big on AFL fantasy/dreamteam/supercoach and always wondered how great it would be if you could do something similar for cash. After a quick google search, Moneyball popped up and that’s where it all started”. 

“I am a sports junkie but only focus my DFS attention on AFL and NBA. NBA is great as it’s daily and the work involved can be rewarding, but it’s a huge grind, particularly with working a 9-5 job, staying on top of injury news and last minute line-up changes can be difficult. Whilst I don’t consider anyone my hero or idol in the DFS world, ‘laminedor’ aka ‘jayk123’ was winning everything on Moneyball when I started so I was striving for that success. I’ve kept a close eye on him since and we get to chat on the odd occasion which is good. Shout out to my boy Parks12 as well!”

So I asked ‘peekay84’ what were the key plays for that Sunday slate and how’d that sweat go:

I started my research for the slate really late, basically during the Saturday evening games I was crunching some numbers and realised how much I didn’t like the slate and contemplated not playing it which is super rare for me. Luckily I woke up Sunday and a few things came to me. Athletic rucks against Soldo at Marvel I was keen on and here’s a little secret of mine – Josh Battle at Marvel is a thing (or at least has been!). I wasn’t too thrilled with the Freo v Blues game and the weather forecasted so I think I actually crossed that whole game off which probably isn’t wise on a 3 game slate but worked out in the end.

I try to watch most games if I get the chance. I’m recovering from surgery so it gives me a good excuse to lie in bed all day watching footy which isn’t the worst thing going around. I checked the live scores on Moneyball at about halftime and saw I was in front but refused to see who was chasing my tail and did not watch the second half of the Freo game. I checked scores again once the slate was over and was surprised to see that I hadn’t been chased down and was comfortable enough about 12 points in front to know late adjustments shouldn’t pip me at the post.”

Congratulations to you ‘peekay69’, rest up and well deserved win on a big weekend for you.