So now that you’ve signed up to Moneyball and your keen to get involved in a contest and win some cash, you may need some help in getting started. Look no further because we’ve got you covered!

The Basics

You are given a $60,000 salary cap to fill your roster in NBA. You will notice the top-performing players are all priced towards the top meaning you can’t just stack all these guys into your line-up. Add in a mixture of these big guys and some cheaper guys who you think will score you some solid points.

All players are listed in their regular NBA positions. In an NBA contest you will need to select a total of 9 players in the following format:

PG x 2

SG x 2

SF x 2

PF x 2

C x 1

Once you have selected your players, and they all fit under the $60,000 salary cap, you are ready to go!

Scoring Breakdown

Here’s how your players score points and hopefully win yourself some cash:

Remember these stats are taken from the real-life performances of the players you have selected.

Top Tips

DFS comes down to a number of different strategies with everyone trying their own specific things to give themselves an edge over other players. These are some simple strategies you may want to try out when starting out your playing NBA DFS.

Minutes Matter

When selecting your team, an easy strategy to implement is to target those players who play regular minutes for their team. When picking these players you can be confident they will put a solid score on the board and are usually risk-free selections.

Pace is Paramount

When doing your research, it pays dividends to target players from match-ups which are predicted to played at a high pace. This works well because these teams will generally hae more possessions than others, resulting in more opportunities for points to be scored.

Variance is Valuable

While it may seem the most obvious choice to pick some of the top players, remember if you are wanting to come out on top, you may need to find a point of difference within your roster. It can be a riskier play but finding the cheaper-priced player who has a good day could win your some solid $$

Be Patient

If you are wanting to play DFS, it’s important to understand it will take time to learn the ropes. The wins may not come straight away but don’t be disheartened early.

Set small goals such as aiming to better your score from one day to the next and eventually you’ll see the results. When starting out, play our beginner contests against others of the same experience level before jumping into the big leagues.

Remember, the beauty of DFS is no matter how your day goes, there is always a brand new contest the next day!