The Basics

PGA contests are always very popular on Moneyball. They’re unique with certain rules and the way the contest works. It’s a lot of fun!

Unlike other contests, PGA contests do not run daily but instead run over the course of a 4-Day tournament (usually Thursday-Sunday). There is one PGA contest a week and the scores accumulate for the whole tournament across this 4 day period.

As always, you are given a $60,000 salary cap to fill your roster of 9 golfers playing in the tournament for that week. You will notice the top-performing guys are all priced at a premium meaning you can’t just stack all these guys into your line-up. You will need a mixture of these big guys and some cheaper guys who you think will score you some solid points.

Unique only to golf, there are no positions on your roster and you can select any player available so long as all 9 of them fit under the allocated salary cap.

Scoring Breakdown

In PGA there are three different categories in which your players score points.

Tournament finish position

These are bonuses which are added to your player at the end of the tournament:

Hole Scoring

These are points awarded for the score your player has on every hole that they play. The below graphic will show you how many points is awarded per scoring result.

Bonus Points

These are streaks and bonus points which your players can accumulate throughout a round or at the end of the round and/or tournament.

Remember these stats are taken from the real-life performances of the players you have selected.

Top Tips

Winning a PGA contest on DFS requires a very different thought process than many other sports. These are some of our best tips to help you when starting out:

Cut-Making is Key

A massive part of PGA is making sure you find players who are regularly making the cut in a tournament. Of course, if you select a player who doesn’t make the cut, this player will be cut from the tournament and will stop scoring points for your team. Do your research on cut-making machines and get them in your line-up.

Birdies are your friend

Look for players who can regularly shoot low rounds full of birdies and eagles. While these players can be risky offering up chances of bogeys and bad scores, if they find their groove it can pay off for your team. Making a birdie plus a bogey is worth more to your score than two pars.


PGA is one of the sports which can favour different players different weeks. Depending on course conditions and layout, you need to be able to find the statistics which matter for any given week.

PGA Jackpot

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