Sean Payton has finally been declared clear of the novel coronavirus. He was said to be positive last week, but the good news is that he is finally out of the danger zone. The New Orleans Saints head coach is optimistic towards his recovery.

In an interview, Payton has expressed his relief after being cleared and is now doing well. He is the first person in the NFL to test positive for the virus on March 19. He is now working to do what he can to help other people in the country.

The pandemic has already engulfed some of the world’s biggest countries, including the United States. It has led to many of the popular sports leagues all over the world to halt their operations for now. The NFL is still in the offseason and will continue to do the Draft in a televised show without an audience.

‘I’m doing well. I was cleared yesterday’, said Payton in an interview. ‘It’s been quite a process. You spend a lot of time trying to learn as much as you can about it. We’re certainly seeing it on the news 24/7’.

He has already begun his work on the team’s roster for the upcoming season. Payton has stated that the virus selects no one, not even those who have privileges or the most riches in the world are safe from the pandemic.

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‘We’re not invincible, and every one of us certainly can catch this thing. Shoot, we’ve got politicians, athletes — you name it, they’ve caught it’, said Payton. ‘Prince Charles caught it, right? So it doesn’t matter if you live in a castle or you live in an apartment’.

‘So I’ve been fortunate. You stay inside like everyone’s doing, and you find ways to pass the time. We had a competition committee meeting the other day on teleconference’, he added. ‘But I’m feeling a lot better. And unfortunately, my appetite didn’t dissipate at all during that time. You know, you watch a lot of Netflix, then you go on to Twitter, and you see everyone else is watching the same shows’.

He also talked about Taysom Hill’s claims to be the team’s franchise quarterback. Drew Brees is set to return to the Saints, but Payton confirmed that Hill’s promotion as the team’s second quarterback is a go.

‘He’s earned that opportunity’, Payton said of his decision to move Hill’s spot in the team. 

Hill has only tossed 13 passes along with six completions in the previous season. He did, however, a big 50-yarder in their playoff series against the Minnesota Vikings, which they lost. Hill has shown a lot of potential in the game and earned his place in the team.

Taysom Hill thinks that he is a rising star, but he will have to work harder if he wants to earn the top spot in the team. After all, it’s all about proving yourself.

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