Because of the coronavirus, sports leagues around the world have suspended their seasons, forcing teams into a sort of a ‘funds freeze’. As a solution to this, the Premier League and its players are looking into the possibility of momentarily accepting wage cuts to help clubs cut down on their expenses.

Any and all football events in England are suspended until April 30 at the earliest. Because of this, clubs are starting to worry if their remaining funds can last until ur beyond the specified date. To discuss the matter more, the league will meet with the Professional Footballers’ Association. While there are talks of players willing to accept the pay cut, it is more likely that they will prefer to have they pay deferred instead.

This course of action is expected to be adopted by clubs collectively instead of them taking individual responses to the pandemic. The ultimate goal of it is to minimize the expenses while the season is on hold since clubs are worried that by the time the season continues, they will have little left to pay their players with. Sources of club’s incomes mostly depend on gate receipts and match revenue. Even if games continue to be played behind closed doors, this will still result in a loss of revenue.

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As proof of how dire the situation is, one executive from a Premier League club said that even if they lay-off non-playing personnel, this still wouldn’t be enough to solve their problems. Despite reports saying that players will definitely not be happy about receiving their full pay, they still earn enough to avoid short-term financial problems. 

In other news, Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager, is worried that he could have infected others before he even knew he was positive for the coronavirus. He also said that he was cleared, is healthy, and is ready to resume his work. Last March 12, the club announced that Arteta tested positive for the virus. This ultimately led to the Premier League suspending its season. 

Arteta believes that he got infected with the virus after Arsenal’s Europa League match against Olympiakos, whose owner also tested positive for the virus. ‘I am feeling completely recovered’, said the manager through the club’s website. ‘It’s true I started having some symptoms when we got the phone call from the club Olympiakos to let us know that we might be exposed to the virus. I don’t know, I felt something within me, that I had it. Then you realise, “Wow, everybody can be exposed here, this is very serious” and you start to think about the people that you’ve been in contact with and the other people that can be related to us. That’s when a bit of fear comes’.

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