As the COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, lockdowns have commenced to minimise the risks. With Virat Kohli and the rest of the team staying put in their homes, strength and conditioning coach Nick Webb ensures that the players stay on top of their shapes.

After a consultation with physio Nitin Patel, Webb has devised workout routines for the players to stay in shape despite the lockdown. Sources from the team management said that Webb and Patel have customised each workout routine for every contracted player amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

This means that all of the players, regardless of the whether they play red-ball cricket, white-ball cricket or all even all of the formats, have been given fitness routines based on the demands and workout patterns of each player.

‘Someone like a Kohli loves to train with weights as well. So his routine would have weights involved like the clean and jerk and deadlifts and other exercises’, the source explained the setup. ‘While another player might be comfortable doing free-hand exercises. So, in that case, he has been given more free-weight functional training options’.

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Virat Kohli and the other players are encouraged to follow their customised workout routines and send updates to Webb and Patel from time to time. 

On March 24, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the country will undergo a lockdown to deal with the pandemic. It will be in effect for 21 days which can have a great impact on the Indian Premier League (IPL).

On the other hand, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) expresses its confidence that they can pull off the league even if the competition begins on the first week of May. However, there are still concerns about the entry of foreign cricket players due to the visa restrictions imposed right now.

Furthermore, the Sports Ministry pointed out that the fate of the IPL and other sports events in the country will be decided by the government once it releases a new advisory in regard to the pandemic after April 15.

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