It’s the biggest day of the week in Moneyball Daily Fantasy basketball contests! A six-game slate and $20,000 worth of prizes to be won in the NBA Thursday monster! Check out today’s NBA DFS tips.


Point Guard

Ricky Rubio ($5,300)

Ricky Rubio has been working his way back to usefulness and is coming off a massive 48.5 fantasy point performance. With a high-paced game against the Rockets coming up today, Rubio has a chance to repeat that effort. The Rockets defense has been much better than expected, especially against guard play, but with Clint Capela out they will struggle to contain the bigs, which should work out well for the guy feeding them.

Towns scored 34 points in the Wolves last game against the Mavs and Rubio benefited with 15 assists. Towns also put up 41 last time against Houston and Rubio had 7 assists and 32.1 fantasy points. I expect that pairing to give the Rockets trouble again today.

Marcus Smart ($4,700)

Marcus Smart is becoming quite an effective offensive player. His issues shooting seemed to have subdued, and he’s now hitting greater than 50% from both corner three’s. He still has trouble with above the back threes, but he’s also become much more effective working on ball. Pairing those traits with his elite defense, The Celitcs are finding it much harder to keep him off the floor of late. He played almost 38 minutes in their last game against Toronto and has scored 33.4, 40, & 35.3 fantasy points in the last three games. Smart seems like great value today.

Shooting Guard

JJ Redick ($4,700)

JJ Redick’s price has been steadily increasing over the last five games on the back of solid play. He’s put up 24.3 points or more in four games in a row. Without Blake, his usage increases, and when he’s hitting he’s also capable of the 35.4 fantasy points he had in the last game. Coming up against his old team, the Orlando Magic, JJ can be expected to hit value once again.

Victor Oladipo ($5,400)

Victor Oladipo doesn’t have the best match-up today against the Grizzlies, but he definitely has the potential to out-perform his salary. Foul trouble seemed to limit his minutes in the game against Chicago, which was also a blow out, but before that game he consistently returned 5X value four games in a row. Unless you’re going for an elite option at SG Oladipo seems like the best way to go.

Small Forward

Carmelo Anthony ($7,900)

If Carmelo Anthony can stay in the game, he’s actually been in pretty good form lately. Melo has a super low floor, but also a high ceiling. He’s the high variable guy that people may shy away from, but who could get you over the line in a tournament. He’s got a great match-up against Philly today, so hopefully his performance lands at the high end of his spectrum.

Andrew Wiggins ($6,900)

Wiggins is another high variable guy with a good match-up. I’m not a fan of him as a player, and he’s been extremely poor in his most recent games, but his upside is high. The Rockets lack interior defense and they don’t have anyone athletic enough to stick with Wiggins on the dribble. So if he decides to be aggressive and get to the basket, he could have a field day. If he decides to settle for contested mid-range jumpers, then he probably won’t.

Power Forward

Al-Farouq Aminu ($4,000)

Aminu is an obvious choice. He’s back from injury, back in form and his price hasn’t adjusted to reflect that. Aminu is averaging 31.5 fantasy points over his last five games at only $4,000. I don’t see how he’s not a lock today.

Montrezl Harrell ($4,500)

Montrezl Harrell is tearing it up as the Rockets starting center. Over the last two games, he’s made 17 out of 18 shots from the field to score 42 points. Some of the credit goes to the passing of the Rockets, especially James Harden.But Harrell has finished a lot of these looks with floaters, hook shots and tough contested layups. They aren’t all dunks and lobs. In fact, I would guess the majority aren’t. Harrell has really been something special and that production will be vital if the Wolves want to beat the Wolves today.


Karl-Anthony Towns ($9,100)

The Rockets have absolutely ZERO chance of stopping Karl-Anthony Towns today. Not one guy on the roster can even come close to matching his size and athleticism. Towns will take bigger opponents off the dribble and punish smaller opponents down low. He had 41 and 16 against the Rockets last time they played and he seems likely to repeat a similar performance today. Lock him in.

That’s a wrap for today’s Thursday Monster NBA DFS tips, who will make your final 9?