Here we are back for another Sunday packed with a full day of footy, this season continues to surprise us in delightful ways and you simply cannot pick what’s going to happen at any given moment, with out first draw of the season coming last night, these last few rounds have been seriously entertaining to watch with the shear competitiveness of the league, so here are our AFL Fantasy Tips for this Sunday of Football.

Sunday Funday Special


Tom Bellchambers – $6,500

Bellchambers has been giving us a consistent run of form, constantly supplying us with at least a contribution of 80FP, with him coming up against the Lions I expect the score to increase just that fraction more this game, even though the Lions have been real competitive recently they have still allowed big Fantasy scores to be scored on them, this is looking like another of those games.


Cale Hooker – $6,800

Hooker i feel is having one of his best seasons in the AFL, he has been solid for the Bombers playing in the forward line this season and has really started hitting his straps at this time of the year, the Bombers recent success and Hookers recent form have truly coincided, will be looking forward to a handy score from Hooker today.

Nick Robertson – $6,000

I’ve really enjoyed Robertson’s game in recent weeks, so much so that this is the third time i have put him into my article, he has not let me down yet, last week was his standout game of the year after he scored a solid 98FP, i will be looking forward to him continuing on with his game and taking it to the next level even as one of the Lions players who really hasn’t taken a backwards step this season.


Sebastian Ross – $9,900

You really can’t knock back the scoring potential that Ross has, he can go big, coming up against a Fremantle team that hasn’t been great recently they Saints will really want to get up in this game to improve their chances of making it to the Finals and Ross playing well is going to be a huge part of that, against the Freo mids it will truly be a great battle, i can’t wait.

Jordan de Goey – $6,900

De Goey has been playing some fantastic football for the pies, he has really stepped it up and is giving it back to club via his performances for all the silly things he did at the start of the season, he’s still a young player who has a long road ahead of him but if he continues playing the way he has been, it will be a great future for him, recent weeks he has averaged 90.3FP and for a mid priced at 6.9k thats beautiful news to us.

Rhys Mathieson – $6,800

Mathieson like de Goey is a young up and coming player of our beautiful game, he has a bit more midfield time coming his way with the injury to Beams, and last week this saw him score well into the 100’s, will be looking for a similar performance from him today as Beams is still out for a few weeks, will be interested to see if this young guy can step it up for his team.


Jamie Elliott – $6,700

Elliott is back into the lineup this weekend after missing a couple weeks with a sore ankle, the Pies have really missed Elliott’s presence in the forward line, a player who will definitely score you at least 2 goals a game and be a solid link player into the forward line, he is a high flying small forward who can take an unbelievable grab, will be looking forward to what he can do against a depleted Hawks back line.

Jack Sinclair – $6,100

Sinclair has surprised me so far this season, he comes out each week with one thing on his mind and thats to play the game to the best of his ability week in week out, he has been a solid scorer for us fantasy folk and has averaged 81.3FP in recent weeks, for 6.1k that’s exactly what we’re after!