Introducing Moneyball Groups, combining fantasy and trash talk like never before. The new Moneyball Groups feature now gives members the ability to create their very own private groups within the Moneyball chat.

Creating your group is easy, follow these simple steps:

Moneyball Groups is located within the chat window under the new ‘Groups’ heading.

  1. Begin creating your very own groups by clicking ‘Create Group’ located beside the ‘Groups’ heading in the chat menu. 

  2. Once you have clicked ‘Create Group’ the ‘Create New Group’ pop up will display, allowing you to give your group a unique name, example: NBA Ballers

  3. Named your group? It’s time to begin inviting your mates. Invite friends and members by searching for their username or selecting them from your current friends list.Here you can also select the option of ‘Members can invite’. If you decide to tick this box, the members in your group can also invite their friend to join the group.

  1. Once you’ve added the mates you want, you’re now ready to click the big green button and  ‘Create Group’.
  2. Your new group will now be located under the ‘Chat, right below the ‘Groups’ heading.
  3. Click on your group name and let the trash talk start!

If you are the creator of the group, you are also the admin of this group. This means you have full control. You can remove members, invite new members or even delete the group if you wish. Let the games begin!


Create Group