Following a huge 2017, the Major League Baseball is finally back and Moneyball has you sorted for the new season. After plenty of testing and feedback, we have decided to make some changes to the way scoring will work this year. The majority of scoring statistics will remain the same with only a couple to change in terms of points awarded and a new statistic added for pitchers. As well as this, we are giving you even more flexibility in picking your team by combining two positions into one roster spot.

Position Change


This season we are combining the Catcher (C) position with the First Basemen (1B) position. This means you will now be able to pick a player from either of these categories for this one roster position. We believe this will offer an improved experience for all fantasy players and provide a point of difference between you and your opponents.


The new FLEX position gives you the ability to now select a player at any other position except Pitcher (P), adding to the excitement of MLB daily fantasy while providing members with more options.

Roster Breakdown:

  • Pitcher x 1
  • Catcher/First Basemen x 1
  • Second basemen x 1
  • Short Stop x 1
  • Third Basemen x 1
  • Outfielders x 3
  • Flex x 1

Scoring Changes

Heading into this MLB season we have made a few minor changes to the scoring of certain statistics. The changes include points awarded for the winning pitcher. Having the winning pitcher in your lineup use to score you 12 points. That has now changed to 6 points. We have done this to coincide with a new stat for this season – Quality starts (QS).

A Quality Start is awarded to a starting pitcher who completes at least 6 innings and concedes no more than 3 earned runs. If your pitcher does this you will be awarded 4 points.


NEW SCORING                                                                      OLD SCORING

Winning Pitcher: 6 Points                                                    Winning Pitcher: 12 Points

Quality Start: 4 Points