Who would have guessed we are recommending both Russell Westbrook and James Harden as they go head-to-head today?

Both players are set to shine in what is expected to be a fantastic game of basketball.

Apart from that, though, there are seven other games on today and plenty of excellent fantasy options to choose from while building your team for the $8,000 Wednesday Swish Special.

point guard

Russell Westbrook ($11,400)

I’m just going to keep on keeping on with Russell Westbrook at the point guard position until something goes terribly wrong.

With the potential to score upward of 60+ combined with his usual scores through the 50’s, Westbrook should be an excellent play against the Rockets today.

Austin Rivers ($6,400)

Austin Rivers finds himself in a brilliant matchup as the Clippers take on the Pelicans in what is expected to be a high scoring affair.

He has scored upward of 30 in his last two games and despite his price sneaking upward slowly, he is still worth some value at the point guard spot today.

shooting guard

James Harden ($11,400)

Just do it.

But Harden and Westbrook? Yeah, if you can squeeze both into your team somehow go ahead and do it. If not, you’re going to have to pick just one of them.

If you have to select just one, go for Harden. He has been dominating lately and the Rockets have been cruising. Westbrook’s ability to keep the Thunder going will also see this game closer than expected.

Caris LeVert ($4,200)

Wait a second… Caris LeVert just put up 47.5 fantasy points in his last game.

It shouldn’t happen two times in a row but it is a great sign that LeVert is back to full health and will be getting a decent run against the Golden State Warriors today.


small forward

Paul George ($8,900)

George is another one to benefit from the intense matchup that is the Thunder vs. Rockets today.

With over 20 points to his name per game recently along with multiple rebounds, assists, and steals, George is adding value in many ways.

Robert Covington ($5,500)

Robert Covington is an old friend of this section because he has always been a GPP-monster. The only bad part about Covington is that he seems to score his biggest scores when no one is expecting.

At just $5,500 today you can have some exosure to a player that will certainly help you score big if he plays well.

power forward

Tobias Harris ($7,900)

More often than not, I’d be recommending Anthony Davis in this situation. However, with big guns such as Westbrook and Harden already mentioned in the article, it makes sense to provide a more affordable option in Tobias Harris.

Harris is priced at $7,900, and will likely experience an uptick in his fantasy points production considering the excellent matchup between the Pelicans and the Clippers.



Nikola Jokic ($10,200)

I know that picking Jokic is almost like taking that last step out of the plane while skydiving blindfolded.

With three consecutive games under 32.2 fantasy points, Jokic isn’t exactly ‘in form.’ But regardless, this makes him all the better as a fantasy option today because we can be sure that there will be low ownership as many people look to avoid the terrible run that he has been on.

To get you over the line, Jokic is up against the Mavericks who really struggle against a center of Jokic’s quality.