There are 10 games of basketball today and that means there are 20 teams that you can choose players from. NBA DFS Tips

It’s time to start preparing for the $8,000 Saturday Swish!

point guard

Russell Westbrook ($11,800)

It’s always great to get things started with one of our favorite Daily Fantasy Sports options at point guard.

Russell Westbrook is definitely worth your cash tonight as he gets set to take on the Phoenix Suns.

Defensively, the Suns are very ordinary, if not terrible. Westbrook should be able to whip up a load of fantasy points for you today.

Kris Dunn ($6,700)

Kris Dunn is going to be a great option against the Dallas Mavericks today.

After seeing 30 minutes of court time for the Bulls in his last game, he came out and scored 23 points.

Today, he and the Bulls are facing the Mavericks who are quite generous to the opposition point guard – expect Dunn to do so some work.

shooting guard

J.J. Redick ($5,100)

With so many high-priced players in option today, it means that a shooting guard like J.J. Redick is coming right into play.

Redick is priced at just $5,100 nad generally scores close to the 25 fantasy point mark which means that he can return almost 5x value for you on most nights.

small forward

Josh Jackson ($5,300)

Josh Jackson just scored 52.4 fantasy points in 40 minutes of game time against the Grizzlies. Don’t go expecting this every day, but Jackson is in line another big outing if Warren is missing from the Phoenix team.

Don’t miss out on Jackson.

Andre Iguodala ($4,100)

Speaking of players who are coming into excellent form, Iguodala just managed 37.4 fantasy points in his last game against the Wizards.

The Warriors forward has been on quite an ordinary stretch of games but turned everything around now that he is shooting better.

power forward

Ben Simmons ($9,700)

It’s a 76ers back-to-back, which means that the Philadelphia team are likely to rest Joel Embiid and allow Simmons to take the reigns.

Simmons’ output increases significantly when Embiid is off the court and he will come up the Charlotte Hornets who allow slightly above average scores for their opponents.

Draymond Green ($7,800)

It’s not very often that we recommend Draymond Green, but that’s mainly just a result of his consistency.

In Green’s last five games, he’s been scoring 12.2 points, grabbing 6.8 rebounds and dishing out 7.6 assists. He really does a bit of everything and is coming off a 44.7 fantasy point game against the Wizards.



Marc Gasol ($7,400)

Another player who scored big in their most recent matchup was Marc Gasol, who scored 51.6 fantasy points against the Phoenix Suns.

He did all of this despite making just 7-21 from the field. His ability to grab rebounds, assists, and blocks, all help him become a valuable option for your team.