NBA Tuesday Special

Today’s 8 game-slate won’t come especially easy for fantasy players. Not a lot of players jump out as must-plays. It might take quite a bit of research and digging to fill a strong lineup today. To help streamline that process for players, here are a couple of guys to look at to help get you started.

Point Guard

Shabazz Napier $4,200
Shabazz Napier has had a crazy high usage rate over the last four games for a back-up guard. Napier has a 25% usage rate while playing a little over 25 minutes per game. In the last game,  Napier had 29.1 and just four games ago he had 49.3 fantasy points against Milwaukee. He had a couple of quieter games in between, but with his minutes and shot profile, Napier makes a great upside play in the tournament format.

Damian Lillard $9,200
Damian Lillard will be hoping to bounce back from some sub par form today with a good matchup against the Knicks. Lillard has been producing fantasy points at a rate just a shade below what’s expected, but his recent form against the Knicks suggests that ends today. Lillard has had 50.2 and 44.9 in his last two games against the Knickerbockers and if he can repeat that production today he’s sure to have fantasy players smiling (at least the ones who select him).

Shooting Guard

Bogdan Bogdanovic $6,800
Bodganovic has more than earned his starting position and in the last game he proved exactly why. Bogdanovic had 17 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals in 35 minutes for the Kings. His production resulted in 42.7 fantasy points, bringing his fantasy average over the last four games up to 35 fantasy points per game. At this current price, and with the recent move into the starting lineup Bogdanovic makes for a nice play with a good matchup against Orlando.

Luka Doncic $7,700
The Rookie of the Year front-runner has slowed down a little bit recently, but that’s mostly because his minutes have been kept low due to non competitive games. Today’s game against the Lakers (minus LeBron), promises to be much closer with the Mavs favoured by 8 points. Not only that, but it is a big occasion game, and everything we have seen from Luka says he is a big game player. I expect Luka to return to his very best today with a showtime score against the baby Lakers.

Small Forward

Jae Crowder $4,700
Jae Crowder stands out as a good value play on a bad day at Small Forward. Crowder has had 36.2, 28 and 22.5 in his last three games. Crowder has consistently outperformed his salary and despite a tough matchup today, he’s one of the few guys who should provide a nice return on their salary

Power Forward

Jaren Jackson Jr $6,900
It says a lot about this draft class that Jackson isn’t really in the ROY race. He just might be the best player in this draft by careers end and he’s already contributing to the Grizzlies success. JJJ has averaged over 35 fantasy points per game over the last 3 games while playing over 30 minutes and his production will be needed against Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. This will be a great matchup, just to see how much JJJ can handle. My bet is it’s a lot more than most would expect.

LaMarcus Aldridge $8,600
Are you willing to bet that the last two down games from Aldridge were because of the blowout? I think I am. Before that he had 57.3, 53.4 and 45.9 fantasy points across three games. Today’s game against the Pistons is projected to be close, which means the Spurs will most likely need Aldridge back to his best. With a decent matchup against the Pistons, Aldridge is well positioned to answer that call.


Al Horford $6,500
Kyrie Irving is back, but with Morris and Baynes still expected to miss there are still extra possessions to be spread around. Horford has had 32 and 36.6 in the Celtics last two games and comes into the Brooklyn matchup in the right kind of form. There is a little bit of blowout potential, but the Nets are one of the best matchups in the league for opposition bigs. At $6.5K, Horford is definitely cheap enough to take advantage of the matchup without playing extended minutes. I also tossed up between DeAndre Jordan at this position. If you prefer the upside against the Lakers you might be better off betting on Jordan in the Tuesday Special.