NBA $6,000 Saturday Special

Today’s $6,000 Saturday Special is essentially this years trade deadline slate. Today is the day that most of the NBA’s traded players will suit up for their new team for the first time and many of them will have a point to prove. Not only that, but a lot of their new teams will be very accommodating, which means the stars should be aligning for strong fantasy performances. Obviously there’s an element of risk here, as most players are traded for a reason. But there are certain guys who will definitely perform well today. If you’d like to know who should be on your radar today, keep reading.

Point Guard

Dennis Smith jr $6,900

Dennis Smith Jr must be loving his new home. He played 40 minutes in his last game and took 25 shots. When is comes to fantasy, that type of usage can’t be ignored. Dennis Smith Jr has a ton of talent and if he is given the reigns in NYK I have no doubt he will produce statistically. Some people question whether or not that will contribute to winning, but it will definitely contribute to winning in fantasy. It seems very likely that Smith Jr will take advantage of his new opportunity, so fantasy players should too.

Collin Sexton $5,300

Collin Sexton scored 40.30 fantasy points in 41 minutes against the Celtics last game. If he can do that to one of the toughest fantasy matchups, imagine what he can do against one of the league’s worst? Just like Smith Jr, Sexton’s usage in the last game was huge, and it’s too much to pass up on a great matchup.

Shooting Guard

Bradley Beal $9,400

You might be aware that John Wall tore his achilles when he slipped and fell in his own home. It’s almost laughable, unless you’re a Wizard fan. However, the person who benefits the most – even if he won’t say it – is Bradley Beal. Beal has been in great form all season, but he has stepped it up in Wall’s absence. Just quietly, the team seems to gel much better without Wall too. Beal has a great matchup against the Cavs today, who he scored 45.3 fantasy points against in their last meeting. I expect a similar return today, which makes Beal an easy play.

Malcolm Brogdon $6,600

Brogdon is averaging just over 31 fantasy points a game over his last three contests. That’s a pretty solid floor, and today’s matchup presents a great ceiling for today’s Saturday Special. Brogdon had 42.8 fantasy points against Mavs just a couple of weeks ago and if Giannis misses today (he’s currently GTD) then Brogdon and a few other Bucks become must-plays.

Small Forward

Otto Porter $7,200

Sometimes you just have to take a shot at these guys who have changed teams. I think Porter was unhappy and underperforming in Washington, but I think a change of scenery should bring the best out in him. The Bulls may not be the best team to play for, but the team should give him every opportunity to succeed. He was in good form before coming over, so I like the potential for him to continue that in a new uniform.

Harrison Barnes $5,800

Another player, another new team. I like Barnes even more than Porter, given his ability to create for himself and the cheaper salary. Barnes averaged 29 fantasy points in the four games before he was benched for the trade. The fact that he is still $5,800 is surprising. Barnes is more than capable of scoring 35+ fantasy points and with Sacramento hoping to make him comfortable today, I think there’s every potential Barnes produces a great score in his first game with the Kings.

Power Forward

Blake Griffin $9,000

Blake has really been having a nice season and if you’ve missed it he’s averaging 26 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. Blake routinely out-performs his salary, with 6 scores over 45 in his last 10 games. He also had 43.2 fantasy points against the Knicks in the last game, and I think he seems very likely to produce a similar score in this home-and-home. The Knicks just don’t have anyone with the size and skill to stop Blake, so a good to great score is definitely on the cards.


Karl-Anthony Towns $11,200

KAT has had 70.4 and 78.9 in his last two matchups against the Pelicans. If that’s not enough to convince you to play him today, I don’t know what is. He has absolutely destroyed the Pelicans and I don’t see any reason why that run of form wouldn’t continue today.