Todays NBA $6,000 Thursday Special has another massive 11-game slate – but it’s a little more slim pickings than usual. The pace of play across matchups today is slightly slower than usual, which means good value is harder to find. However, I think I have found some gems for today’s games, so if you’re looking for plays to fill out your lineup then keep on reading.

Point Guard

Mike Conley $8,100

Mike Conley is averaging 41 fantasy points across his last 3 games. Those are strong numbers and today he has a good matchup against the Chicago Bulls. He did have a down game just 4 games ago against the Bulls, but he also only played 25 minutes in a blowout. The Bulls have been much better lately (at least competitive) so I think they can keep this close. If they do, Conley will make for a nice play.

Darren Collison $7,100

Dallas are one of the league’s best point guard matchups and Darren Collison is another PG in great form. He has been extremely consistent across the last ten games, not falling below 26 once. Collison provides a great mid-range value play with very little downside. Of those ten games he has consistently scored 26+, with multiple games in the 30’s, including three over 35. With a good matchup, it seems like a no brainer to slide Collison in across all fantasy formats.

Shooting Guard

Bogdan Bogdanovic $6,000

Bogdan Bogdanovic has been on an absolute tear, averaging 29.8 across his last 7 games. In those games he has mostly come off the bench, but he has played 25+ minutes in each. In his last game he shot 23% and still had  25.2 fantasy points thanks to 6 rebounds and 6 assists in 29 minutes. This is another high floor, decent ceiling play and should be considered across all fantasy formats as well.

Small Forward

Giannis Antetokounmpo $12,100

It’s very slim pickings across the wing today (small forward and shooting guard) which makes plays like this where the smart money is. A guy like DeMarre Carroll $4,900 could be a safe, low budget play, but Giannis almost never falls below 50-55 fantasy points, which makes him a better return on investment that most guys priced well below him. He is a GTD – so keep an eye on it – but he is listed as probable which usually means he will suit up. If he does and he’s healthy, he should provide a very nice fantasy score in a very fast-paced game against the Kings.

DeMarre Carroll $4,900

As mentioned above, DeMarre is a nice, low budget and safe play. He won’t provide a massive return, but he won’t be a waste of your cash. He will also give you enough room for Giannis, which – as I’m sure you’re all aware – is every chance to pay off big time.

Power Forward

Julius Randle $8,100

Julius Randle is your perfect tournament play. The guy has had scores of 50+ in 2 of his last 4 games. Obviously that comes with a potentially low floor at this price, but it’s the upside that gives you every chance in the Thursday special. Randle ‘only’ had 34.1 in the last matchup against the Lakers, but they are a very good matchup for opposition bigs. They might be in ‘playoff mode’ but the defense hasn’t improved and the points are coming easy. Hopefully Randle takes advantage today.


Jonas Valanciunas $8,100

Jonas is absolutely loving his time in Memphis. In his last two games he has been given the start and has returned the favour with 43.7 and 39.6 fantasy point performances. To make this selection even more enticing, the Grizzlies matchup with the Bulls today who give up 58 fantasy points a game to opposition centres. I don’t know about you, but I think that means Jonas is gonna eat today.