The night before ANZAC day has become a traditional matchup between the Tigers and Demons. The Tigers were very impressive beating the Swans in a game style that won them a premiership a few years ago. While the Demons were extremely poor against the Saints and got beaten on outside again. I expect Richmond to win again and get back to the game style that won them the premiership in 2017.


Christian Salam @7,800 – I talk about this every week, Richmond give up plenty of marks and disposals to defenders. Lloyd (135), Burton (102) and Whitfield (162) expect more of the same from the Melbourne defenders. So, Salam should be good for at least a ton

Marty Hore @4,700 – If Richmond give up them marks, this youngest has been taking plenty marks averaging 11 in the last 2 matches. Should be good for at least 80+ and can go higher if the marks are there for him.


Clayton Oliver @9,500 – Has been abit quiet to his normal high level but I expect him to be good in this matchup. Has solid enough numbers against the Tigers in the past, I suggest he should be one the highest scoring players in this matchup.

Jack Higgins @6,100 – Been putting up impressive numbers so far this year scoring between 80-100 points in most of his games. Can we expect him to score around the same for this game. I think so plays a nice role half-forward with moments playing through the midfielder.

Sydney Stack @3,900 – The youngest has been impressive playing across that half back line, playing mainly the role that short used to play before getting injuried. Unlike short, Houli inclusion in this team does not affect the youngest which is good to see.


Max Gawn @9,300 – His numbers against Richmond and Nank are incredible averaging close to 140 in his last two, I expect more of the same and is the must have in your team for me personally. Just sit back, enjoy and watch him dominate the ruck and rack up them fantasy points.


Bailey Fritsch @6,000 – Again another one of these matchup that doesn’t have a lot of options, but I’m leaning towards Fritsch if he can get involved in this uncontested marks that Richmond allow, he may score well.

Liam Baker @3,500 – Averaging 69 in his first two games of this season and for basement price as a forward you’ll take that any day of the week. He could easily score more than half of the other options available as a forward.  Is a must have in this matchup so we can pay up in other areas.