First matchup of another huge weekend of Moneyball sees the Sydney host Collingwood at the SCG. There is a massive $50,000 on the line for this matchup. Let’s hope we can get some of the cash to start the weekend.


Jack Crisp @ 8,500 – Another week another mention from me, just been in such solid form this year. Scoring pretty consistently around that 90 -110 mark every week. Should be good for more of the same has scored 100+ in his last two against the Swans at the SCG.

Colin O’Riordan @ 3,800 – We need some of these players to afford some of the higher priced players tonight. I think O’Riordan will be good for at least a 60-70 with any luck and for 3,800 that well acceptable.


Josh Kennedy @ 9,300 – should be solid enough to score around 100 -120 been back to some good fantasy form averaging 108 and 113 in his last 3. Only major concern is that he is coming back in from being an late out last weekend.

Daniel Wells @ 6,200 – Could you do it? its an interesting one, we all remember what he used to be able to do when he played at his best. Could he get back to his best tonight, we will see. Just throwing it out as an option or I couldn’t do it personally but is definitely an option at that price.

Jayden Stephenson @ 6,800 – Now a player that will be in my side will be Stephenson been on fire in recent weeks. Averaging 90 in last three weeks and has really step it up without De Goey being in the side. Should be solid enough for more of what he is averaging again tonight


Brodie Grundy @ 10,800 – talk about a man who will be in nearly everyone team tonight, that’s Grundy, number 1 man on form averaging 133 in the last 3 and has huge numbers against Sinclair in the past and should get more of the same tonight. For me a massive must have player could score at minimum 120. Sinclair won’t get within 40-50 points from Grundy.


Lance Franklin @ 7,300 – Buddy returns tonight to Friday night footy and Collingwood will still be without Langdon and Moore in this matchup who is likely to get the buddy matchup. Roughead ? If that happens surely buddy will get off the chain. Howe could get the job but I still think buddy may kick a few goals and get back to his 100+ score.

Jordan Dawson @ 6,500 – is just a really solid moneyball player seems to score well every week for our moneyball teams. I don’t see things changing in this matchup, should be good again for another solid score.