The round starts down in Adelaide as the Crows host the Bombers from Adelaide Oval. The Crows had a training run last week as they destroyed team that is struggling in the Suns while the Bombers won a last minute thriller against the Roos. The Bombers will be looking to continue their form and establish their position in the top 8. This should be a good matchup between the two and we have a massive $40,000 prize pool for today matchup.


Rory Laird @ 8,900 – If I was to be asked who I think will be the highest defender scorer in this matchup, my answer would be Laird. He is slowly improving every week and I can feel like we will get one of those 120+ scores just around the corner. Will it be tonight?

Andrew McGrath @ 6,600 – is the type of player that may be able to score well for us tonight if given more midfield time, could he give us an 90+ score in this matchup. Would be a good selection if he can score over 90 tonight


Zach Merrett @ 9,600 – Got back into some form last week with a nice 114 expect him to be about the same if not better in this matchup. Will be unlikely to get any attention in this matchup and should score freely against the Crows. Could be the highest scoring player in the midfield tonight if not the whole match.

Rory Atkins @ 8,000 – bit of a unique option tonight coming off a massive 123 against the Suns with a massive 35 touches to score that well. If he can find the ball again tonight could be on for another nice score in the matchup.

Dylan Clarke @ 4,900 – Again we need some of these cheap options to get more of the higher scoring players in our side. Clarke will most likely a job on Sloane in this matchup which could lead to him being able to lay a few tackles and be around the ball. Anything over 80 would be a good score in this matchup


Reilly O’Brien @ 8,900 – Probably the must have of today matchup, O’Brien should dominate the ruck in this matchup tonight.


Shaun McKernan @ 5,900 – Has been good in recent weeks but had a little sub par game last time out, but I would still consider him for this matchup tonight.

Tyson Stengle @ 3,500 – Made his club debut for the Crows last week against the Suns, kicked a couple of goals to score a 68. If you need a basement type of option, he should be considered but it must be noted that this matchup will be a lot harder but hopefully he can kick a goal or two in front of the home crowd.