By Luke Mathyssen – for Daily Fantasy Rankings

It was a nightmare for tippers and mug punters who bet on short-priced favourites and prop bets in round 16. But for Australia’s number 1 ranked DFS player, it was a weekend on Moneyball that blew the opposition away. ‘Laminedor’ also known as ‘jayk123’ took out the two multi-game slates on Saturday and Sunday, with line-ups filling the top 10’s of these contests. 

But let’s go back to Friday night, and in an upset result for the punters, Collingwood was overrun by Hawthorn is a scrappy game. Only 18 goals were scored in the match-up which lead to exceptionally low fantasy scoring. So low scoring for the ‘Goldenboy26’ the winning score was only 798. Only 5 players scored 100 or more fantasy point, ‘Goldenboy26’ was able to jag Tom Phillips (111) and Adam Treloar (102) to go along with solid scores from Jarman Impey (96) and Darcy Moore (90). A cool $7,500 for coming first! Congratulations also go to 2nd place ‘Trev555’ who was a single ‘bullet’ and 3rd place ‘Slobs’ who only had two entries!

Onwards to Saturday where all 5 games had a late change to test the nerve of fantasy coaches, the biggest one was Travis Boak pulling out in the warm-up. For 26% of lineups Boak killed the lineups but they were not alone. Roake Smith at 42% ownership was another lineup killer where he only scored 16 fantasy points. Avoiding the carnage however is the number 1 ranked Australian DFS player from Daily Fantasy rankings in ‘Laminedor’ took out both 1st and 4th place along with 5 more sides in the top 20. One thing was for certain, Tom Rockcliff was the key player for his sides. A big 150 fantasy point game who was 24% owned for the slate. Dustin Martin feature in his side that came 4th and he only scored 58 points. It was an impressive win from ‘laminedor’.

For ‘Laminedor’ on Sunday had a right old fill-up with another 6 sides making the top 20 and taking out 1st and 2nd positions in the AFL $40,000 Sunday special. The Sunday slate was much higher scoring for a slate that only contained 3 games. Ceiling games from Jack Silvangi (110 points), Scott Thompson (81 points) down back and the double ruck strategy of Braydon Preuss (108) and Stefan Martin (106) were the keys for Jay’s sides. Simple change from Marc Murphy to Jared Polac meant he went 1-2. According to Daily Fantasy Rankings come round 17, ‘Laminedor’ will cross over $1 Million in prize money tracked on the site. And this is just tournaments alone! Imagine all of the cash game as well!  

A full round of 9 games will be available on the Moneyball site with over $150,000 in tournament prize money up for grabs in round 17.

The challenge is now to knock off the number 1 ranked DFS player and have your name up in lights! Good luck!