Moneyball Winners Round 17

By Luke “Smatho10” Mathyssen – for Daily Fantasy Rankings

Another round of AFL in the books and another head coach has fallen on his sword. Serious
questions have been asked about the Gold Coast Suns and we have lost Nic Nat again. It
was all happening last round and it was certainly happening for Moneyball players over the
weekend. Let’s recap on the results.

Friday night footy gave us one of the matches of the season with Collingwood sneaking over
the top of West Coast and surviving a one point win. It was a duel of the half-forwards with
Brodie Mihocek for Collingwood (120 fantasy points) and Jarrod Cameron (101 fantasy
points) for West Coast putting on a show with both players kicking 8 goals between them. In
a bit of surprise from his recent fantasy scoring form, Steele Sidebottom broke out for a 124
fantasy performance. Having all of these pieces proved beneficial for ‘Itsbaker’ who took out
the Friday night $40,000 special for a cool $4,000 collect. 804 total scored and was the only
player in the main slate to score over 800 points.

Saturday had 5 games on the slate where the Swans got rolled by the Blues and so did
many Swans stacks. Walla kicked one of the goals of the year to snatch victory from North
Melbourne and the Crows smacked the Suns up on the coast. All the previous data
suggested that crows players were the play for the slate, and this proved to be the winning
strategy for ‘myfootyboots’ also known as ‘ilovelamp’. A stack of 8 Adelaide players which
included Eddie Betts kicking 6 goals (120 fantasy points) with big performances from Hugh
Greenwood (115 points) and a very cheap Lachlan Murphy who scored 85 points was good
enough to fly home and take 1st place. A cool $5,000 win but another couple of placings in
the top 10 took that amount to over $6,000 alone. Lamp was not alone in his thinking with
highly ranked Daily Fantasy Rankings members ‘cottmaa’, ‘broady_4’ and ‘chriseddy999’ all
filling the leaderboard with multiple teams in the top 20.

Moving on to the Sunday Slate and with another $40,000 contest available which the injury
curse striking once again with both Stephen Cognilo and Toby McClean suffering game
ending injuries earlier in their matches. Killing a fair few line-ups in the process. We all knew
Josh Dunkley was in a bit of form, but 189 fantasy points was ridiculous and if you missed
him, then it wasn’t a great day. Missing this carnage was “RWhelan09” who jumped on the
Dunkley train and had Lachie Hunter (154 points) and Shai Bolton (115 points) as
passengers. A massive score of 924 points for a $4,000 collect. That didn’t stop there, a 2nd
place finish for $1,850 collect as well. ‘RWhelan09’ is having a sensational season for the
AFL on Moneyball, certainly contending with ‘laminedor’ and ‘chriseddy999’ as this year’s
highest prize money earners.

With over $150,000 in guarantee contests alone for a full round of 9 games, good luck to all
who are entering line-ups on Moneyball this weekend.