By Luke “Smatho10” Mathyssen – for Daily Fantasy Rankings

The finals outlook is looking a little bit clearer after Round 18 of the AFL. The Brisbane Lions are staking their top 4 chances with a win against the Roos and Richmond are just starting to be the form team of the competition. Across the weekend, Moneyball provided over $150,000 in guaranteed pools and we had some unfamiliar winners from the three big slates. 

We kicked off on Friday night where the Crows were overrun by the comeback kids in Essendon. Imagine if the Bombers actually have a lead at half time in the back end of the season! Over 2,500 entries in the $40,000 Friday special with Reilly O’Brien being a necessity in the ruck position. He didn’t let his owners down (which was 90% of them) with a slate leading 134 fantasy points. Big games from Brodie Smith (133FP), Zach Merrett (126FP) and the returning Tom Lynch (112FP) propelled owners to a big score. For the winner of the slate in ‘Slobs’, 881 points was the winning score. I caught up with the “effectively retired” consultant from Melbourne about his win on Friday.

‘Slobs’ has been a big fan of NFL DFS on the Moneyball site for the past three years but got into Moneyball from competitive season long formats for AFL (Supercoach and Real Dream Team) and NFL leagues, and also from a poker background. Whilst the NFL is his go to sport ‘Slobs’ plays a bit of BBL and started playing a bit of golf this year. 

“NFL is probably my favourite as it is a bit more predictable but that also makes it the hardest. BBL is a bit of fun but also a crapshoot.”

I’d asked ‘Slobs’ on his win in terms of his plays and whether skill or luck was involved!

“I’d picked the bombers to win (and had nothing to do with being an Essendon supporter!!), so I thought Zerrett represented the best value of the high priced mids (Adel had also been leaking point in the mids). Brodie Smith’s move to the midfield made him interesting, I had Lynch over Jenkins with Hurley out and picked Seedsman based on price and recency bias after burning people last week against the Suns. And a lot of luck……”

Tell us about the sweat for the slate. Where did you watch the game, who with, when did you realise you had won? 

“Quiet Friday night home, with a bottle of red. Looked at Moneyball at halftime and I wasn’t doing so well, so didn’t pay much attention to it until about half way through the fourth, when I saw I was top 10 due to Zach coming home like a steam train. I was still more interested in watching the game, but sweated out the last 4-5 minutes, especially when Marty Gleeson decided to junk up!”

If you had one key advice for new players, what would that be?

“Start small, have some fun in the smaller games but learn at the same time. Also back your own calls, even if no one else is on them, it’s the only way to learn.” 

Well done on the big result ‘Slobs’ and good luck for the rest of the season!

Onwards to Saturday $50,000 Special and there were some very popular plays for a slate that was 5 games in length. There were over 7 players on the slate with +35% ownership with Patrick Cripps at 53% ownership, only producing a 77 fantasy point score! Which in the end, sank a quite a few teams!

For a ‘Single Bullet’ entry from ‘Rookie01’ a combination of ‘chalky’ plays and a massive score from Brodie Grundy (181FP) meant a massive collect of $5,000. Having Will Brodie @ 3% ownership for a 113FP score was the key. Also included in his winning side was Ed Curnoe at 39% for 125FP, James Rowbottom at 42% for 81FP, Jack Silvangi at 24% for 83FP and Shai Bolton at 48% for 71FP. All very popular plays that did quite well and the other pieces just got the job done! 

A special mention to ‘tbetta’ who won over $4,000 in the top 10 alone after having 5 entries in the top 10!  

Not to be outdone by the single bullet from ‘Rookie01’ another single bullet was all that was required to take down the Sunday $40,000 Special with our winner ‘Fonzie’ amassing a score of 864 points. Bailey Fritsch at 3% ownership had a day out at Alice Springs with 22 disposals, 17 marks with 4 goals for a total of 134 fantasy points. Also included in was Dom Sheed’s 125 point effort from a 6% ownership. A great collect of $4,000 from one entry! Well done to ‘I am the game’ and ‘jbarrett16’ who filled the top with multiple entries.  

Round 19 sees a massive Friday night contest between Richmond and Collingwood and Moneyball will have over $100,000 in prize money up for grabs over the weekend! Good luck to all who will be putting in teams this weekend!