Round 22 starts at the MCG as Melbourne host Sydney. The demons will be looking to take something positive out of this horrible season for them so a matchup against a Swans team in rebuilding could give them a much-needed win. This should be a good matchup to start our weekends.


Jake Lloyd @ 9,700 – Been solid enough in recent weeks and is probably the safest option for tonight matchup. Expect him to go a minimum of 100 in tonight’s matchup.

Angus Brayshaw @ 7,200 – I know Brayshaw hasn’t been any good this season but he always has the ability to turn it around. Now he is at an acceptable price to take a chance on Brayshaw, can easily score 100+ or have a sub-par score under 70.


Clayton Oliver @ 9,700 – Been solidly getting it done for us this season. Oliver had an up and down season this year but has been getting into decent scoring form recently with a nice 130 last week against the Pies

Isaac Heeney @ 8,700 – Has been consistent in the last 3 weeks and has scored exactly 105 in the last 3 weeks. Crazy how he has gone 105, 105 and 105 in his last 3 weeks. So can we expect 105 again ? should be considered as an option.

Kyle Dunkley @ 3,900 – If we need a cheap option for tonight’s matchup, we should consider Dunkley. there are a few options for us in that basement type price area but I think Dunkley is the best option of those because he has scored a 71 in the last 2.


Max Gawn @ 10,000 – Probably the biggest lock of this weekend for our Moneyball teams. Maxx will most likely dominate whoever Sydney decide to play in the Ruck tonight. This is the biggest must-have of the weekend this could huge.


Bailey Fritsch @ 7,600 – Has been one of the shinning lights for Melbourne this year, playing a nice forward role and getting plenty of marks and a few goals a game. I expect him to be good again since Melbourne should be expecting to win this game.

Jordan Dawson @ 7,400 – Scoring solid enough for a player at his position but you could go cheaper here in the forward line just don’t have a lot of confidence to pick anyone.