How to enter The Everest $500,000 Jackpot:

Just as excited as us about The Everest $500,000 Jackpot? We’re going to walk you through exactly how to make your entry into the special contest, so you can take your shot at a life changing amount of cash!

Let’s get started…

To find The Everest $500,000 Jackpot, simply head to the Moneyball lobby. The contest can be found under the ‘Jackpots’ tab and identifiable with a ‘Green’ banner.

Once you’ve found The Everest Jackpot contest, click the ‘Enter’ button. Just a heads-up, you may be prompted to log-in into your Moneyball account, however once you have done this, you’ll be taken to the make your predictions page.

Entering Your Predictions

Once on the predictions page, the excitement begins. You’ll select your Everest picks, predicting 1st-6th. You will see the available horses to select on the left as well as the horses last 5 finishing positions.

From here, simply drag and drop your predictions from the left table into the corresponding position on the right table, filling all spots from top to bottom. Alternatively, you can also drag all horses across first and rearrange these to your preferences once in the ‘Your Predictions’ section.

Once you are happy with your predictions, click enter and you will receive confirmation your entry was successful. After your entry is confirmed, you’ll be shown the ‘Your Predictions’ page. Using the ‘Add’ button on the top right, you can then enter again.

To make things easier, your predictions will be pre-filled with your most recent entry and you can make slight adjustments where you wish. With The Everest $500,000 Jackpot, you are allowed to enter up to 30 times to give yourself more of a chance at covering the different combinations.

Editing Your Predictions

On the ‘Your Predictions’ page, you can also select any of your entries along the top and edit these all the way until your chosen Jackpot contest closes (19/10/2019, 3:15pm AEDT).

To do this, click the entry you wish to make changes to and then click the ‘Green’ edit button. This will then take you back to the make selections page where you can make any changes you want. Click save to confirm these changes.

At any stage, you wish to make edits to your predictions or you just want to view them, you can do this by clicking the ‘Upcoming’ tab at the top of the Moneyball lobby.