Curious about the AFL Fantasy? Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered for you: 

Question no.1: What is AFL Fantasy?

It is a game you can play with your friends and other AFL fans by creating new rivalries. You basically have the freedom to create your own team. 

Your players will be given scores based on their performance for each round. All you need to do is to join a league and compete with others every week. The team with the highest score in match-up wins. 

The best thing about AFL Fantasy is that if you have the highest accumulated score at the end of the home and end season, you have the chance to win the major prize! What makes it more exciting is that AFL Fantasy is free to enter. 

Question no. 2: Do I need exactly 30 players? 

Yup! You will need 30 players to have an eligible AFL Fantasy Classic. Here are the specifications you need to consider:

  • 4 Rucks
  • 8 Forwards
  • 8 Defenders
  • 10 Midfielders 

With the 30 players you have, you will need to select 22 players each round to complete your starting lineup of scoring players. You can even choose up to four emergencies from the Interchange Bench each round. 

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Question no.3: It’s chaos out there. Do they have any rules?

Yes! There are actually a lot of rules to keep the game flowing. It might not be obvious because there is no goalkeeper. In fact, the players can be anywhere on the field at any time. However, the team is still divided into offensive and defensive sides. 

Another rule is that there are no timeouts. What’s amazing about the AFL is that the umpires do not have the power to stop the game. Here are some of the situations that the umpires can stop the game:

  • If the ball goes out of bounds
  • When they need to retrieve the ball and restart the play 
  • If someone is in serious injury 

Question no.4: Can I set up a League and only play with my friends? 

Absolutely! All you need to do is to create your own Private League and invite your friends through several social media sites or by giving them the League code provided. 

Question no.5: Are the players okay? They tackle each other and they do not wear pads!

The AFL might be a physical contact game but it is a sport with fewer injuries compared to American football or even cricket. 

They do not actually intend to run directly with each other. In fact, concussion and knee injuries are the most common concern in all contact sports. 

Tackling is widely common and legal but it should be below the shoulders and above the knees. 

One of the rules of the AFL is that when you are tackled, you have to release the ball. To avoid the opposing team to steal the ball, you will need to dispose of the ball.  

Disposal of the ball means that the ball has to be kicked to another player by catching or through hand pass. 

Question no.6: Why can’t I join a league?

The reason for this is that the first Lockout of the League has started or the League is full already. Just to make sure, you can immediately contact the League Commissioner and receive a fresh new League code for you to easily join. 

Question no.7: Why did my score change overnight? 

The final scores are only available after each round, the live score you see are only indicators. In addition, all of the statistics will also change once the game has finished. 

Question no.8: Can I have multiple registrations? 

Nope, all of the participants must register and join prize competitions once. If registered more than once, there is a big possibility that you will be disqualified. 

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