England cricketers are set to take a pay cut during the pandemic. This is because the England and Wales Cricket Board wants to cut costs.

There have been many suspensions and cancellations in the world of cricket these past few weeks. Because of this, the cricketers of England have been informed that they would receive a cut to their usual salaries. It will prove to be an unpopular move but it is a necessary one according to the ECB. 

The ECB has since said that cricketers have to look at the bigger picture because the sport is not everything. A warranted statement but to fans and some players, it may rub them the wrong way.

England’s players have their salaries paid in full by the ECB. This includes national team captain Joe Root, Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler. These three players play in all three different cricket formats. They are expected to lose £200,000 from their salaries. 

An ECB spokesman has gone out to say, ‘We’re looking at everything about how the game can make savings. There’s a formal process to go through with centrally contracted players but the game needs to pull together at this time. We believe the players realise the bigger picture’.

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England’s national teams have been significantly hit by the suspension. The men’s team was already at Sri Lanka to begin their tour but they were sent home because the ECB decided to suspend their matches. England’s Test Series against both West Indies and Pakistan alongside the limited-overs series with Australia were either postponed or cancelled. This led to a massive loss in revenue.

Both Root and Heather Knight, the captains of the men and women’s national cricket has released a letter to address the suspension of matches. 

Root and Knight said, ‘In our positions as England captain we’ve witnessed events that have had entire stadiums on their feet, but this pandemic has shown us who deserves the loudest cheers. To all those working on the frontline to assist the greatest in need, all those coordinating and delivering the supply of life’s essentials and all those as yet unsung heroes, we salute you. Our team-mates and we have been incredibly lucky to have amazing support over the years – not only from fans at every ground we play at but from those following us from all around the world and it has made a real difference’.

They also addressed the ‘bigger picture’ comment that the ECB made earlier. Both captains wrote, ‘None of us knows when as yet and at times that feels incredibly frustrating – there’s nothing we’d like more than to get back out on the field and win for our fans – but the bigger picture quickly puts those feelings firmly in perspective. So, until that day comes, keep shadow batting, practising your action and working on your fitness and skills – and above all stay strong and united’.

It is a terrible situation but it looks like the cricket world is united to fight it. Even if they are losing a large portion of their salary, it is refreshing to see that athletes like them are willing to help the people outside of their space. Thankfully, there is no major backlash to the decision made by the ECB. This is an unprecedented situation but it looks like the cricket world is going to survive it. Hopefully, we can see the cricketers playing the game that we all love. 

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