The NRL is still considering all of the possible options for the season to resume. During a meeting with all of the clubs, the league said that they might resume in early June while the Final series and Grand Final will be on November and December.

The league also said that if no match is played by September, the 2020 season will not take place. 

‘The impact of this decision on those who work within rugby league will be significant. All we can do as a sport, and a community, is remain united and follow the expert advice to keep ourselves and our families safe’, NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said. 

‘So, while we cannot say with certainty what the future holds, I know the rugby league community as a whole will work through this as a team. We are all in this together and we will get through this together’, he added. 

According to the biosecurity and pandemic expert hired by the NRL on March 14, they confirmed that it is impossible for the competition to return in 2020.

The initial plan of the NRL was to suspend after two rounds this week. Despite several safety precautionary measures, the medical expert still advised the league to postpone all of the matches. 

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‘It’s the calm before the storm — but that storm is coming. What if one of your players gets sick and dies? Is it worth taking the risk of losing a player in the prime of their career?’, an expert stated. 

‘If it’s spreading in young people, the players are getting together every week for the games, congregating in groups creates a risk of transmission because if one of them has the asymptomatic infection, they could spread it and then the families and other loved ones, staff, doctors, and other teammates could get it’, the expert added. 

Initially, the experts recommended the NRL to continue the competition behind closed doors. However, this move was no longer suitable because on how big the outbreak has become during the past few days.

‘I don’t think it’s going to be this year. I think we will be dealing with this epidemic for the better part of this year. I’m really hoping we will have a vaccine next year. The idea is to manage the virus until we can vaccinate people and protect them. Then we can resume normal societal functions — like sport. But that won’t be any time this year’, the expert said. 

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