Ever since Utah Jazz Rudy Gobert was tested positive for COVID-19, this year’s season has been in a rocky road. There has been a lot of debates whether or not to continue the league. 

However, it has come to a point that the whole NBA needs to be suspended because there are 10 players who have contracted the virus. It might be a difficult decision for everyone, but there is no choice than to put everyone’s health on the line. 

Because of the frustration from the players and fans, Brooklyn Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie came up with an idea on his Twitter account. He devised a plan on how to make up for some of the lost revenue due to the pandemic. 

‘So, basically, it was kind of like looking at March Madness, right? And the buy in and then also our loss of revenue, right, during this time period (from) not playing roughly 18 games per team. One of the ways March Madness does a really good job, they invite everybody to the football stadium. You get about 100,000 people in there, which is the equivalent of five games. Right?’, Dinwiddie said in his Twitter account. 

‘So, I was thinking, how can we make that happen? Well, you can’t do that with the top seeds ’cause they earned the right to have home-court advantage. So what if you had this little play-in, tournament-style? Maybe best-of-three situation where, ya know, you get everybody in these football stadiums, you ramp up the revenue, you get everybody excited, and then when you get back to the regular playoffs, ya know, all the people that played into that round of 16, you kind of resume playoffs as usual’, he added. 

He suggested instead of picking up where the season is left off, the league can actually start with the playoffs immediately. 

It turns out that the NBA fans were able to take notice and considered that it was a good idea. Fortunately, NBPA executive director Michele Roberts noticed his suggestion and reached out for his 28-team March Madness-style NBA Playoffs idea. 

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Dinwiddie also said that it is important for the league to give players some time to get back on their pace. He pointed out that the players need to be in good condition to avoid the possibility of sustaining an injury. Dinwiddie also said that the condition of the players also affects the quality of the game. 

With no NBA games and other sporting events played, the fans seem to have a lot of time in their hands to help Dinwiddie in completing his plan. He even made a bracket to clearly explain it to everyone. 

Dinwiddie said that the estimated time frame of 28-team single-elimination will take up to 2 weeks while the extra rounds will take around 7-10 days.

Here is a quick rundown of rules made by Dinwiddie: 

  • Top four seeds (Raptors, Lakers, Bucks, and Clippers) get a first-round bye
  • Bottom four seeds (Warriors, Cavaliers, Hawks, and Timberwolves) would play two best-of-three series with the winners advancing to the first round
  • The 24 teams in that first round would play a best-of-five series
  • The typical playoffs would resume from there, once only 16 teams remained

On the contrary, this plan has an obvious downside. It essentially removes the consequences of the early season.

The concept is interesting and addresses the problem but it also has other things that need to be considered. For the moment, the NBA would prefer to use its usual postseason format. 

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