If you think of the most dangerous strikers in the Premier League, there’s a high chance that you’ve singled them out in each team. It’s a common thing to do. However, football is a team sport after all.

Before the ball finds the net, football players need to be aggressively creative to deliver the ball within striking distance in the field. So, there’s no surprise that there have been strike partnerships that provide lethal offence for the team.

Can you think of any striker combination that other football clubs should be afraid of? We’ve compiled a list of the most lethal strike partnerships in the league and find out if you’re favourite duo made it in the list.

Andy Cole & Peter Beardsley, Newcastle United FC

Tallied score: 55 goals, 1993/94 season

Newcastle United found its way back to the top tier of the 1993/94 season after four years of being left out in the Division One. There were many reasons behind their advancement that season — truly, a team effort executed well. 

Perhaps the peak form of this team effort was in the deadly combination of Andy Cole and Peter Beardsley. Their partnership found the net 55 times which boosted their team to the third-placed finish in the league. Their spectacular season finish was something a lot of people were unprepared for, much like the opposition defenders who tried to go against them.

Luis Suarez & Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool FC

Tallied score: 52 goals, 2013/14 season

It was a missed chance to take the Premier League title for Liverpool in the 2013/14 season. However, the football club gave way to one of the most potent strike partnerships the league has seen: Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge.

The deadly duo was the team’s weapon in their breathtaking charge towards the title before ultimately coming short. However, we could have gotten more of their lethal dose if it were not for Sturridge’s injury list that limited his appearance in the season.

It was a spectacle nonetheless to see them play. Suarez ended the season as the league’s top scorer with 31 points. On the other hand, Sturridge totalled with 21 points, making him a runner up while Brendan Rodgers’ side piled up a total of 101 goals and 84 points. The team missed out on the title to Manchester City. 

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Alan Shearer & Chris Sutton, Blackburn Rovers FC

Tallied score: 49 goals, 1994/95 season

It was only a one-time thing for Blackburn Rovers’ strike partnership made up of Alan Shearer and Christ Sutton. Their combination may not have been that memorable to many but the duo played a huge part in the football club’s success that season.

Between the two strikers, they netted 49 goals that were mostly responsible for the team to lift the cup in the 1994/95 season. It was no small feat with Shearer making the most goals with 34. However, Sutton did chip in 15 goals that were just as significant of a number.

There were speculations that they did not see eye to eye but both denied it. What split the duo, however, was Shearer’s move to the Newcastle while Sutton remained with the team for four years until his transfer to Chelsea.

Alan Shearer & Les Ferdinand, Newcastle United FC

Tallied score: 49 goals, 1996/97 season

After Shearer was bought by Newcastle with a then world-record of £15 million, he got to team up with Les Ferdinand who proved to be the perfect foil for the English striker. However, their partnership did not last long as well. 

In the 1996/97 season, the duo summed up 49 goals which placed their team to the second spot behind rivals Manchester United. However, when Kenny Dalglish took over Kevin Keegan’s spot, they never got to play again. Ferdinand was sold to Tottenham in the summer. Later on, the football club lost Shearer to an injury for half of a season.

Kevin Phillips & Niall Quinn, Sunderland AFC

Tallied score: 44 goals, 1999/00 season

People might have forgotten but Kevin Phillips was the last English player to win the European Golden Shoe. If that doesn’t say anything about the football player then maybe the fact that he made 30 goals in his debut season in the Premier League will make you think twice.

Sunderland was not an aggressive team that challenged for titles but Phillips’ partnership with Niall Quinn made them a threat to any defence in the league. Quinn was contemplating on his retirement that time but he managed to give his share of 14 goals which made the team finish at seventh.

Robbie Fowler & Stan Collymore, Liverpool FC

Tallied score: 42 goals, 1995/96 season

Another strike partnership that did not play together for that long was Robbie Fowler and Stan Collymore. Although their stint together was just two years long, we can all agree that the pair was a match made in heaven that amassed a score of 42 goals in the 1995/96 season.

Furthermore, Fowler and Collymore raked up 100 points in all competitions for two seasons that made Liverpool qualify for Europe twice and end up as runners up in the FA Cup. Fowler may have made the lion share in their tallied score but Collymore shone more brightly than the highly-rated Ian Rush when he was on hand to set most of them up.

Eidur Gudjohnsen & Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Chelsea FC

Tallied score: 37 goals, 2001/02 season

It was a perfect balance when Eidur Gudjohnsen and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink teamed up to secure a spot for Chelsea in the Champions League before the infamous takeover by Roman Abramovich.

The duo was a great example of yin and yang with their styles that are polar opposites. It was like ice and fire when you watch both of them in the field. Gudjohnsen was calm and cool even under pressure while he gracefully slots the ball into the corner. On the other hand, Hasselbaink was a fierce striker that shoots up the ball into the net.

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