Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this year’s NBA season is on hiatus. However, the league is very determined to have a champion. As of now, they are exploring several options to make sure that they get one. 

The league is also considering the idea of a three-game series. They also want to ensure that the teams will reach 70 games assuming that the postseason does eventually start. 

The NBA also plans to conduct a postseason in one city to avoid issues with travelling. Some of the regions they are eyeing are Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Hawaii, Louisville, and the Bahamas. 

Nevertheless, the NBA is still planning on what is and isn’t achievable amid the virus outbreak. 

On the other hand, nothing can stop the upcoming NBA 2K tournament on Friday. With the fans quarantined in their homes, the NBA decided to take advantage of this platform to provide fans with live basketball. 

NBA 2K is a high-resolution basketball simulation video game which resembles the actual NBA league. It was reported that the ESPN will air the NBA 2K tournament and will feature all 30 NBA teams. 

‘The NBA is planning a players-only NBA 2K tournament that will feature the league’s sharpest video gamers and it will be broadcast on ESPN. Players competing against their peers in the comfort of their own homes could offer a distraction for fans who are missing the game and a little competition’, the league said.

‘The league is still finalizing some details for the tournament, but each team is expected to have a representative’, they added. 

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There is no assurance who might participate in this tournament. Moreover, here are the 11 active players who have been featured on the NBA 2K:

  • Kyrie Irving
  • Kevin Durant
  • Stephen Curry
  • Blake Griffin
  • Paul George
  • LeBron James
  • Derrick Rose
  • Anthony Davis
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo 
  • James Harden
  • Chris Paul 

What makes this tournament exciting is that the players could be mic’d up and trash talk each other live on camera, something fans do not really get to see during a live broadcast of the game. 

The NBA 2K tournament subtly sends a strong message to the basketball community. If the NBA players are staying home playing alternative basketball, there is a big possibility that the fans will follow. 

On the contrary, not everyone is happy to take part. Two basketball stars criticized the NBA 2K for lacking in certain aspects of the action. 

‘The transition defence on 2K is the most frustrating thing in my life at this moment’, Kevin Durant wrote on his Twitter account. 

Kings guard De’Aaron Fox also described NBA 2K as a ‘trash game’ and it is the reason why they do not want to stream it. 

With this being said, the league is still planning to launch this tournament on Friday with big names to draw more attention. 

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