During an interview, ARLC chairman Peter V’Landys said that it is not necessary for the NRL to be suspended if a player is confirmed to be a carrier of coronavirus. 

The decision of the NRL is contrary to the belief of the majority that if a player is tested positive for COVID-19, the league will be automatically postponed. 

When asked about the precautionary measures to take if a player is tested positive, V’Landys said that the player should be under quarantine for 14 days and that the league should still continue.

‘We’ll await expert advice from the health authorities as to when we have to isolate the player and anyone who has come around him’, V’Landys stated. 

‘The worst-case scenario it will be 14-days if a player contracts the virus. He has to isolate to 14-days, and anyone he comes in contact with will have to isolate for 14-days days as well’, he added. 

V’Landys also said that the NRL will push through with Round 2 tonight at ANZ Stadium with an opening match between Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and North Queensland Cowboys. 

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‘The safety and health of or players is paramount and while there is no risk to the players we’ll continue to play the games. The players have been fantastic they understand that we’re in extraordinary times. And extraordinary times means extraordinary sacrifice’, V’Landys said. 

‘That’s what they’re going to do. If it means that we continue to play the game, and they’re at no risk of contracting the virus, they’re cooperating 100%’, he added. 

On another note, Wests Tigers Joey Leilua pointed out the attempt to cut the pay due to virus outbreak. He also said that the NRL should have better managed its money. 

This is because the Rugby League Players Association told its members to be prepared for a pay cut due to crowds are locked out of games and the possibility of the NRL to suspend. 

Leilua also questioned the governing body why the league is bragging a $1.8 billion broadcast deal. 

‘I don’t know what is going to happen but I’m not all for that if we have to get a pay cut. We’d rather keep playing. But I’m sure there is some money in there with the revenue we’ve got, they should be saving money for when these things happen’, Leilua said.

Leilua’s brother, Tigers back-rower Luciano Leilua also said that he was concerned about NRL’s lower earners, especially to those who are earning from paycheque to paycheque. 

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