With the English Premier League’s season all but cancelled, see how some clubs and players are coping with the downtime.


After training last Friday, the players are due to return to their usual routine on Wednesday. Regarding long-term training, no decisions have yet been made. This, after all, is dependent on the current situation (if it gets better or worse will greatly affect the team’s ability to train together), the players and coaching staff’s health, and the player’s families as well. As of now, all players and coaches are in relatively good condition (with three tests coming back negative for coronavirus). However, as a safety precaution, some staff have decided not to report to work.

How the season will continue or end up is still up for debate but if one thing is for certain, then it’s nearly impossible for 14 clubs to come to an agreement this week.


Similar to most Premier League teams, Chelsea is also under lockdown with their players and coaching staff in self-imposed quarantine. The decision came about after Callum Hudson-Odoi tested positive for the coronavirus last week. But because the results did not come quick enough, he was still able to participate in a few games with friends in North London. Hence, when the word got out, it’s as if all hell broke loose.

What does this mean for Chelsea as a whole? Well, for starters, the club has reminded their players the importance of following advice given by the government – it’s to protect themselves, not limit their movements. Despite the results coming in Thursday last week, Hudson-Odoi had been displaying symptoms of the virus since the beginning of the week. Thankfully, he wasn’t present in any team practice sessions. As it stands, the team is scheduled to return on Sunday but all this could change at any given moment.

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Fortunately for the club, no player had shown symptoms of the virus. It was business as usual during their recent training, and the team was also back to full strength after Son Heung-min returned after a 14-day self-imposed quarantine period. He was suspected to have contracted the disease when he flew home to South Korea (which is now also having an outbreak of the virus) to have surgery in his fractured forearm.

José Mourinho will continue to train the team in their Enfield training camp. Additionally, because of the postponement, the players will have a few days of rest given to them.

Sheffield United

Since the beginning of last week, the Blades haven’t been in any practice session. This is part of their strategy of keeping their week ‘dynamic’. A club official said, ‘The priority is to keep everyone safe so we are keeping things under constant review’. To prevent further spread of the virus, the club has suspended all non-essential business. They also closed the club offices at Bramall Lane and is expected to reopen after two weeks.

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