Confused about NRL fantasy? Or having a difficult time in creating your own NRL fantasy team? Well, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that will surely guide you:

How can I enter a new Public League?

To enter a Public League, all you need to do is proceed to the League’s page and click the ‘Join a Public League’ button. What’s amazing is that you can even invite your friends to play with you. 

Where can I find information about game updates?

You can find all of the information you need through the Help section of the Notice Board page. All of the high-interest game happenings, functional updates, stats, technical issues, and player position is highly accessible in the Notice Board page. 

Why can’t I join a League?

One of the reasons why you can no longer join a league is because the League’s first Lockout has begun or the League is full.

In some other cases, you will need to make sure that you have the correct League code from the commissioner.  

Am I allowed to swap Leagues? How do I do that?

Yup! You have the freedom to join as many Leagues as you want. You will only need to have the correct League code to join. 

If you no longer want to join, you can proceed to the settings page and look for the ‘Leave’ button. 

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Why can’t I find the player I want? 

All of the top 30 NRL players of each club is available for selection. To find the specific player you want, you can simply type their name in the search box. If it does not work, you can look for the player’s team and finally add him to your dream team. 

What happens if my Captain and Vice-captain did not play?

If your captain and vice-captain did not play, no player will receive a double point in the specific round. If there are valid auto-emergency substitutions for the players, the emergency scores will be added to your team total. 

What happens if my team is not complete prior to the first Lockout? 

If your team is not complete within 24 hours before the first Lockout of the next round, your team will be auto-filled through the smart auto-fill feature of the League. If this happens, you will be immediately notified through your email. 

How can I view the highest scoring players? 

You can easily view the highest scoring player at the Stats Centre section. There is a lot of information in the Stats Centre so take advantage of using the filters and sorting feature to navigate easily. 

Why did my score change overnight? 

All of the live scores you see are indicative only. The final scores are only available after the round. It is because all of the official statistics are locked in by the official NRL statistics provider. 

So, don’t worry if there is a sudden change in your score overnight. If there are some errors, you will be notified immediately for actions that need to be taken. 

Why is my team invalid?

This only happens if you entered the League late or at least one match of a round has competed. This also occurs when the team you initially selected is within the salary cap at the time of selection but exceeds the salary cap after the round Lockout. 

With all of these questions answered. Go ahead and create your own dream team as you cheer on your favourite team. 

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