‘You really feel for them, waiting 30 years for a title. If it was Manchester City 25 points clear, nobody would care! Because they’ve won it already. This team hasn’t won it for 30 years! This is like a film. I really feel for them; even if you gave them the league now, mathematically it’s not won. I know they’ve won it in essence, we all know that, but it’s not the same! It’s a shame’. 

– Paul Merson

The Premier League this season has been dominated by Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool FC. In 29 matches so far this season, the Reds have won 27 of them. The only blemishes to their record was a 1-1 draw with Manchester United and a major upset by Watford 3-0. Their points total is at a staggering 82 points. They have a seemingly insurmountable 25-point lead over number two seed Manchester City who has 57 points. 

Sadly, the Premier League season is currently suspended due to the worldwide pandemic. The league has already been affected with Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta and Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi testing positive for the virus. Fortunately, Hudson-Odoi has recovered.

Klopp has already addressed the league and the club’s priority is the health of their players and the fans. He said, ‘Today’s decision and an announcement is being implemented with the motive of keeping people safe. Because of that we support it completely. We have seen members of teams we compete against becoming ill. None of us knows at this moment what the final outcome will be, but as a team, we have to have the belief that the authorities make decisions based on sound judgement and morality’.

Of course, there are factors that play into a monumental decision like this. One of the biggest factors is the relegation battle at the bottom of the league table. Each game is important for every team that is involved. Clubs like Watford, West Ham, Bournemouth, and Aston Villa will benefit from any win that they can get. For example, Aston Villa is at 25 points at the moment but if they manage to get a win in their next game, they overtake the teams above them. This is one of the main reasons why the Premier League cannot be easily cancelled. 

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Unfortunately, the pandemic looks like it will not be stopping anytime soon. This opens the possibility to finish the Premier League effective immediately. This will be Liverpool’s first victory in the Premier League in 30 years. Because of the Reds’ performance this season, it has long been considered a formality. 

Of course, Liverpool does not want to win simply because of a formality. The Reds still want to win the title fair and square. But the unique circumstances that the world is at the moment warrant this victory. If the season were to push through, it would be nigh impossible to steal the Premier League crown from the Reds. 

Liverpool has nine matches remaining on their Premier League schedule and in all of their matches, they are the favourite. The biggest threat would probably be second-seed Manchester City and Chelsea who managed to beat them in the FA Cup earlier this year. Even if they lose those two matches, it is basically impossible for the other teams to beat Liverpool’s perfect blend of offence and defence. 

Alongside the relegation battle situation, there is a rule in the Premier League handbook that can trounce the crowning of Liverpool. This is supported by a rule that state that the title will only be awarded if the season is fully completed. 

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